What we do

We are here to achieve your goals. From the outset we will provide you and your business with a complete service second to none. We will take a concept and make it a reality, and if you don't have a concept; we can help you create one

How we do it

Utilising software such as 3D Studio Max and Maya we can design, model, rig and animate 3D characters, objects or environments for delivery accross multiple platforms.

When we do it

From the outset we work with our clients to establish agreed delivery schedules and deadlines. Points within the production schedule are then assigned for approval and signoff to ensure projects are delivered ontime, to budget and to the clients satisfaction.

Sample Work

A few examples of past work by Flagshipp Animation. For more please look in the work section.

Portfolio Image

Bespoke Avatars

Flagshipp have delivered bespoke avatar solutions to many international clients.

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Character Modelling, Rigging, Animation and Rendering

Flagshipp Animation provided a 3D character model and animation for a series of MattressMan commercials.

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Animated Video Production

Flagshipp produced a seasonal animated video for distribution by CBRE.

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Animation and Rendering

Flagshipp produced pre-rendered sequences to intercut with game footage for the 'Stolen' game trailer.

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Character Design and Animation Production

Flagshipp designed and delivered a fully animated character for the Elzware 'TeachBot'.